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Apple's Trying to Get the Kids Hooked

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The next time you see a parent dragging his wailing child out of Toys R Us because he won't buy his kid a toy, don't instantly side with the little brat. It could be that it's not a $10 Transformer or Barbie the kid wants -- it could be a $500 status symbol.

Bending the definition of "toy" to also include major electronics, Apple has supplied select Toys R Us locations with the iPad 2. Yes, sitting on the shelf beside the Nerf Guns and Monopoly board games is Steve Jobs' pride and joy. Perfect for the wee tikes who have to check iCal before setting a play date.

The toy retailer set up a specific page for iPad 2 availability, listing all the locations which carry the tablet computer. This won't necessarily guarantee the unit is in stock -- in many of those cases, it won't be -- but it'll save you a twitchy trip there and a ear-shattering trip back.

Although the iPad 2 can be found in a variety of stores outside Apple's retail realm -- such as Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and Radio Shack -- having it shipped to Toys R Us locations raised a few eyebrows. Then again, from the looks of the two-year-old in the following video, Apple's just hitting an untapped demographic ripe for the molding.

Cigarette companies, your tactics have been usurped.

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