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Android's Ad Market Threatened by Verizon iPhone

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Millennial Media released its monthly mobile report and the smartphone status quo has been slightly adjusted.

For four months running, Android OS has generated the most impressions for a smartphone platform -- 48% on Millennial Media's network of 90.3 million users. Apple's iOS was the runner-up with 31%, Research in Motion followed with 18%, and Symbian, Windows Phone and WebOS barely made a mark with 1% apiece.

However, compared to last month, iOS showed tremendous gains against Android and grew 14%. The iPhone alone accounted for a 17% growth in its popularity, which Millennial Media attributes to the release of the Verizon iPhone. The device -- released mid-February -- posted 8.2% of Apple's impressions in March.

Conversely, Android's ad marketing share actually fell for the second month in a row while maintaining an overall lead in ad impressions.

In terms of app revenue, everything remains relatively the same -- as it has been.

Apps on iOS generated the most revenue of the bunch, claiming 47%. Android, of course, followed with 36% -- almost a complete reversal from the top two ad impression stats. After a steep drop, BlackBerry followed with 7%, and Symbian, Windows Phone and WebOS barely eked out 10% combined.

Overall, smartphones grabbed 64% of ad impressions, followed by feature phones at 19%, and connected devices -- like iPads, Xooms, and iPods -- trailed with 17%.

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