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Will iPads Be Issued to Kindergartners?

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While your limited budget confines you to a 13-year-old Pentium II to do your work, five-year-olds in Maine could soon be rocking shiny new iPad 2s. Because that's how you should find every $500 device: coated with a thin layer of jelly, Play-Doh, and drool.

Fox News reported that members of the Auburn Schools Committee voted unanimously to issue each kindergartner their very own iPad 2 this fall. Oh, and they'll repeat the process each year -- presumably with every new generation that Apple introduces.

Superintendent Tom Morrill believes this will be a "game changer." It certainly will be, considering it'll cost $200,000 of the school's budget.

"This is truly redefining how we're going to teach and learn," Morrill told the school committee. "We're talking about a new tool, the iPad 2. You begin to watch how young people jump on, jump in and figure this out. It has great potential for leveling the playing field for all students."

Nobody will deny it would be a tremendous learning experience for kids, but what was wrong with a school computer room? You know, the one you visited twice a week, where you partnered up and played Number Cruncher and Oregon Trail? Would having, say, eight iPads in the room that all the classes shared be entirely unreasonable? Or is the $200,000 cost of Morrill's one-iPad-per-child program absolutely necessary.

Well, Morrill still has a little time to figure that one out.

He retires in June.

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