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Microsoft Steals More of Google's Numbers

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Just as Google encroaches on Microsoft's browser market share with its Chrome software, Redmond is slowly eating away at Google Search's market share.

According to the market researchers at Hitwise, Bing-powered searches have surpassed 30% of the US market in March -- climbing from February's 28.48% to 30.01% last month. This percentage combines the traffic that generates as well as Yahoo Search -- which is also powered by Bing. scored a 14.32% share and Yahoo clocked in at 15.69%.

Google still reigns supreme with 64.42%, however that's after a fall of 2.27% from the previous month. Yes, Bing is actually eating away at Google Search.

Additionally, Yahoo showed a vastly higher success rate than Google. That is, more Yahoo visitors found what they were looking for and visited a site -- at a rate of 81.14%. Bing also showed almost equal success with 80.32%. Compare that to Google, whose visitors only clicked on a result 65.91% of the time.

Mountain View is well aware of the growing popularity of both Bing and the frustration of Google users who keep finding useless results. Google Search recently underwent changes to purge its results of "content farms" and promote high-quality sites with original content. While the roll-out only recently went global, the earlier stateside launch has reportedly been given positive reviews.

But considering Microsoft's rising numbers in the last month, Google would be remiss to stop there.

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