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Steve Jobs Ready to Let the Apple Secrets Fly

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If you wanted to know more about Steve Jobs, you had several avenues. You could check out back issues of Wired for interviews and get information from the source. You could attend an Apple event and stick around for the Q&A. Or you could just send him an email and receive a tersely worded response.

Sure, there were a share of biographies on the Apple chief, but they were -- gasp! -- unauthorized. Can we really trust historians' accounts which wasn't approved by the very man they were covering? I know I can't, which is why I never read biographies about dead people.

But fortunately, Cupertino's head honcho is finally getting the biography worthy of his rubber stamp. Written by biographer Walter Isaacson, iSteve: The Book of Jobs will be the first authorized biography of Jobs, and it has now been given a rough street date: early 2012.

In it, Isaacson will supply interviews with family, colleagues, competitors, and the main man himself. Simon and Schuster is set to publish.

With Jobs' thumbs up, the support around iSteve will be a far cry from previous attempts at chronicling the CEO's life. In 2005, Wiley & Sons published iCon: The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business, and Jobs -- never known for his tolerance -- responded by removing all of the publisher's books from Apple retail shelves.

Now, that's how you withdraw authorization from a biography!

As of now, very little is known about iSteve as Isaacson, Jobs, and the company at large are treating it like an upcoming Apple device: all hush-hush.

So, whereas the iPhone 5 is rumored to support a cloud-based iTunes, maybe this will feature a lengthy discussion about Jobs' influential acid trip.

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