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Chinese Toys No Longer World's Flimsiest, Crappiest Pieces of Flimsy Crap

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A blogger using the online handle "ashen_rus" is said to be a Russian student at Kim Il Sung University in Pyongyang, North Korea.

He seems to have family working in a diplomatic capacity, which apparently allows him to maintain his blog, Show and Tell Pyongyang, in a country that restricts Internet access to government officials and foreign embassies.

About 10 days ago, photos turned up on the site of what appears to be North Korea's latest attempt at cracking the export market (note the instructions in Korean and English):

Even flimsier and crappier than the flimsiest, crappiest knockoff Chinese Lego sets, the North Koreans have managed to unseat the world's leading producers of flimsy crap:

The real question here is, for a country that allegedly produces the world's finest counterfeit $100 bills, couldn't Kim Jong Il & Co. have come up with a better toy tank than this?

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