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Did Apple Blacklist Best Buy?

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Hell hath no fury like Apple scorned.

According to a tipster who contacted CrunchGear, Cupertino is none too pleased with Best Buy after making it an official retail location for the iPad 2. Apparently, when the second-generation model hit the shelves last month, the retailer actually held back the stock once it reached its sales quota for the day. Best Buy reps would tell customers that the store was sold out of the iPad 2 when there was an ample supply in the back. For Apple -- a company who bases much of their marketing around huge sales records in the first week -- that strategy isn't exactly smart.

And now, Apple has reportedly ceased iPad 2 shipments to the electronics retailer.

The tipster -- also a Best Buy employee -- has it on good authority that the sales screw-up went all the way to Apple COO Tim Cook. Although this rumor won't be confirmed until we see a lack of shiny tablets on Best Buy shelves, CrunchGear's Devin Coldeway writes that it sounds pretty likely.

Should Apple cut off Best Buy as a designated retailer, it may not make much of a difference. As it stands, shortages of the product have plagued everyone -- with online shipments hovering around a month. Once the stock replenishes, it's not like there will be a shortage of Apple shops or limited access to the company's online store.

As far as Jobs, Cook, and Co. are concerned, this could be a matter of "Good riddance!"

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