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Microsoft Wants to Bury Apple in Retail Space

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I'd like to reiterate my suggestion to Redmond: There's nothing wrong with aiming high, just as long as you curb the trash talk. You have a long road ahead of you before you could stand to boast.

Especially in places where Apple has you soundly beat.

According to those infamous "inside sources familiar with the matter," Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and COO Kevin Turner are reportedly planning to escalate the company's retail store push. As it stands, Redmond has eight retail locations, but is hoping to open scores more. In fact, Ballmer and Turner are hoping to exceed the number of Apple locations -- currently standing at 300.

Guys, come on now.

The Windows Team is starting off the only it way it can: slowly. Two shops, one in Seattle and another in Atlanta, are in the works. But unless those shops breed like rabbits, there's little hope that Microsoft could make its way toward surpassing Cupertino.

Especially when the existing shops aren't turning a profit.

The main part of problem is that Microsoft stores aren't offering anything exclusive. Unlike Apple hardware, Windows-compatible PCs, laptops, peripherals, and software are widely available in places like Best Buy, CompUSA, even Walmart. Additionally, these big box retailers will always have much more foot traffic given their all-purpose selections. Whereas you would normally hear a person say, "Let's head out to the Apple Store to check out the new MacBook Airs," it would be unlikely to overhear someone say, "Yeah, I'm stopping by the Microsoft Store to take a look at the six-foot SCSI cables."

As Zunes are being phased out and Windows Phone 7 not exactly picking up steam, this push for more retail locations would set off a wealth of in-fighting among Microsoft's investors. And given the company's massive loss in online operations while trying to take down Google, now's the time to be a little more careful with crazy expenditures.

Here. How 'bout you guys focus on making Windows Phone 7 great before going off on your crazy, half-cocked notions of beating Apple in retail space?

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