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Ikea: A Labyrinthine Corporate Maze for a Reason

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If you've thought you were being held captive by a villainous Swedish mastermind, you weren't too far off.

Just like Apple Stores were built to draw you in and casinos were designed to prevent you from seeing out, Ikea stores are designed to keep you wandering a path like a rat in a high school science experiment, helpless in a sea of umlauts and Os with slashes.

According to the Wall Street Journal, there's a reason why Ikea stores are built to resemble a rat maze: 60% of customers end up purchasing items they hadn't planned on buying.

Alan Penn, a professor of architectural computing at University College London, described the carefully planned layout in a recent lecture.

"There are a lot of people who go there and don't enjoy it, but still seem to keep going back," Penn said.

Or they could just be in need of an extra Allen wrench.

For a lengthy and detailed explanation, here's Penn in action:

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