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Google Yanks Awesome Music App from Android Market

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Given the music industry's propensity for targeting useful music apps, I'm surprised it took this long.

Under presumable pressure from record labels, Google has pulled the amazing music app Grooveshark from its Android Market. The app -- which allowed users to not only upload and share their own tracks, but also stream commercial music for free -- was considered to be in violation of Google's terms of service. Android Police's Cameron Summerson indicates it was for those very reasons -- as well as pressure from the music labels -- why Grooveshark was removed from the iTunes App Store last August.

This was echoed in a statement by a company spokesperson to CNet, however he did not specify which violations Grooveshark actually committed or if the music industry actually pressured Mountain View to yank the app from the marketplace.

But considering how bent out of shape Sony was over the Amazon Music Cloud launch, we can only assume.

However, as Summerson points out, Amazon's cloud service doesn't allow for sharing tracks nor does it host/stream free commercial music -- making it less of a target than Grooveshark.

On its Facebook page, the Grooveshark developer said it will be "investigating alternative methods for distributing the application." In other words, since Android allows app installation from third party locations, expect to see the Grooveshark app to appear on the developer's website as a direct download.

As if anyone would pass up a chance to stick it to the music industry.

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