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Best. iPad Prank. Ever

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Last week, a cheeky chap named Pete wrote into Boing Boing to show off a screenshot of what I called the Best iPhone Prank Ever. Through a little tinkering with his wife's contact listings, Pete was able to convince her that a tall tale actually originated from an Associated Press news app. In this case, President Obama was about to address the world on the existence of aliens.

Admittedly, the tongue-in-cheek news report should've been suspect from the start given the date, but what if you have an entire news team behind the hoax? What if everyone committed to the joke, and it went out live on the air?

Well, then you have what I will call the Best iPad Prank Ever.

News anchor Raoul Martinez of Fox 5 in San Diego pulled one of the all-time greatest pranks on his co-anchor Shally Zomorodi while live on the air. And the genius of it was, only a live news report could convince someone of something so ridiculously farfetched.

Martinez gives a report on "piezo-electrics" -- a phantom technology which electronically emits smell and taste from the screens of your iPad and iPhone. He coaxes his co-anchor to sniff and eventually lick (!) the screen of an iPad, only to find an "April Fools!" screen pop up shortly thereafter. Understandably embarrassed, Zomorodi walks offset to the laughter of the staff. (Though the weatherman appears to enjoy the gag a little too much.)

Take a look. While it can be construed as a testament to the sorry state of television news, it's pretty damn funny nonetheless.

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