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Infographic: The History of Web Browsers

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Here we are, 17 years since Netscape broke onto the scene and hosts of the Today Show were confused by email -- as well as the @ symbol.

While a lot has changed since then -- the web's much more mobile, video's gotten faster and clearer, and we're able to annoy far more many people -- the basics are roughly the same: an address bar, a back button, refresh, stop.

And yet, even now, some designers still have difficulty nailing that down.

But we can all agree, we're much better off running Chrome 10 than a beta version of IE3.

Looking back on the history of the web browser, Techking offers up an infographic detailing the market share of the most popular browsers of the last 17 years.

Take a look and remember the horrors of dial-up.

28.8: Never Forget.

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