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20 Most Bizarre Newly-Privatized Cuban Jobs

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As we all know, the Cuban government has laid off a large portion of its "staff" and the citizenry is now trying to go it alone. 178 private sector jobs are now permitted. Here are our favorites:

* Trained Dog Exhibitor

* Engraver of Numbers

* Fresh Fruit Peeler

* Operator of Children's Fun Wagon Pulled by Pony or Goat

* Button Coverer

* Spark Plug Cleaner and Tester

* Animal Hairdresser

* Plastic Covering Maker for IDs

* Disposable Lighter Repair and Refill

* Dandy (Man dressed in Colonial era garb)

* Habaneras (Women who pose for tourists wearing colorful dresses with flowery headdress)

* Wheelbarrow Operator

* Animal Rental

* Palm Tree Trimmer

* Producer/Seller of Rubber Accessories (relates to pressure cooker seals and blender O-rings)

* Pinata Maker/Seller

* Producer/Seller of Food and Beverages With Special Characteristics relating to Chinatown

* Seller of Animals for Religious Use

* PA System Operator

And my personal favorite...

* The Musical Group Los Mambises!

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