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1970s Film About Killer Robots One Step Closer to Becoming Reality

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Scientists in the UK have developed a biomass-munching robot that fuels itself and then excretes the waste into a special chamber that it will then use to bludgeon you to death in what you thought was your safe room. If only you'd anticipated that one day you would need to keep your killer pooping robot out of your safe room! Why? Oh Lord, why? Why are our pooping robots attacking us? What have we -- sorry, I digress.
"Biomass-munching robots aren't new in concept -- many have been demonstrated in the past, relying on microbial fuel cells to turn organic matter into hydrogen atoms that can fuel a machine -- but the synthetic gut is the first to deal with the waste produced during this process. Bristol's Ecobot III consumes its own meals, turns a mash of nutrient-rich, partially processed sewage into fuel, and later, ahem, excretes...

...Eobot III's MFC technology is unappealing to projects like DARPA's Energetically Autonomous Tactile Robot (EATR), which will extract its chemical energy from biomass by burning it rather than breaking it down with microbes, getting better caloric value from the fuels.

Remember the 1973 movie, Westworld, starring Yul Brynner as a cowboy robot who goes haywire and turns murderous in a Western-themed amusement park? One day that's going to happen.
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