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100-Year-Old Walmart Greeter Shoved, Bruised by Angry Customer

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Retail-store greeters. They perform those irritating little tasks as you attempt to exit a store with merchandise you likely purchased less than five steps away from where they’re standing. You want to get to your car, but you can’t before one of them pokes their head into your bag to check out your items (without comparing the items against your receipt, of course) or marks your receipt with a checkmark (without comparing the receipt against your items, naturally).

It’s all very effective theft-prevention, no doubt, and it’s a job 100-year-old Walmart greeter Lois Speelman takes pretty seriously. So you can imagine the elderly woman’s shock when, after attempting to verify that a 37-year-old woman had paid for the bottles of water she was pushing in a cart out of a Milwaukee, Walmart, she ended up bruised from being pushed and, consequently, hitting her head.

Speelman won’t discuss details of Sunday's incident until the investigation is complete, but she said she was just doing her duty when she was attacked: "That's our job. That's what we're up there in front for, to watch people going and coming."

The customer was arrested, and a spokesperson for Walmart said the customer’s actions were “appalling.” No doubt. But Speelman seems to be taking it in stride, reports the Journel Sentinel: " 'I'm just stiff and sore,' she said in a telephone interview from her Greenfield home. ‘I'll deal with that.' "

But as one reader points out in a comment, it’s Walmart -- which has been implicated in everything from selling contaminated eggs and lead-filled toys to paying female employees less than male workers -- that is appalling: “Wal-Mart...selling junk form [sic] China... putting 100 year old part time employees in danger and paying poverty wages without real someplace else.”
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