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10 Worst Commercial Jingles Ever

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As you putter around your living room while your favorite program takes a break, advertisers are fighting for your attention. Billions are spent in development, test studies, and production crews to wedge a specific product into your subconscious. The manners in which they perform that difficult task are as varied as the products themselves. It may be a rambunctious puppy unraveling a roll of toilet paper. Could be a giggling CGI infant rollerskating through Central Park. Or maybe a voluptuous brunette slowly emerging from a pool to pour herself a bowl of breakfast cereal.

But given that the most memorable commercials are ads that seep into your brain with a repetitive melody -- an earworm, if you will -- chances are an annoying jingle will come into play.

But we're not talking about a brief "By Mennen," or a poppy "The one and only Cheerios," or even a somber "The touch... the feel... of Cotton..." No, these are the types of jingles that will invade your mind, consume your every waking moment, destroy every iPod counterattack. And once that brief interim comes when that loathsome ditty is miraculously forgotten, it airs again. And again. And again. And you're looking up the nearest gun shop, aren't you?

Dunkin' Donuts - "Fritalian"

Kraft - "Crumbalievable"

Friskies - "Feed the Senses”

Sea Bond "Bye Bye Paste" - "Pirate jingle"

Subway - "$5 Footlong"

IO Digital Cable - "877-393-4-4-4-8!" rap

Mentos - "Fresh and full of life"

Chicken Tonight - "I Feel Like Chicken Tonight"
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