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Apple Gives the iPhone to TSMC -- For Now

Thu Jul 10th, 2014

Andre Mouton

For years Samsung was the sole supplier of the silicon that powers Apple's post-PC gadgets; now it appears that both TSMC and Samsung will supply the next generation of A-series processors.

Apple's Supply Chain Creaks, Groans as iPhone 6 Production Ramps Up

Wed Jul 2nd, 2014

Andre Mouton

The company's seasonal product schedule and reliance on low-tech production lines will eventually, if they haven't already, put Cupertino at a disadvantage to integrated competitors like Samsung.

Intel's Singing, Dancing Robot Makes a Curtain Call

Wed Jun 25th, 2014

Andre Mouton

"Jimmy" was introduced at CE Week in New York City.

Self-Driving and Connected Cars: Conference Highlights Clash of Cultures Between Auto and Tech

Wed Jun 25th, 2014

Andre Mouton

At a CE Week 2014 panel in New York City, it was unclear whether cars built for the "Internet of Things" age will be designed around a common platform or differentiation.

Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon: Market Leaders on a New, Competitive Frontier

Wed Jun 18th, 2014

Andre Mouton

As Web companies party with your data, Microsoft opts for a more sober approach.

Phablets Are So 2014, and That's Why Apple Shouldn't Make One

Wed Jun 4th, 2014

Andre Mouton

Correcting the iPhone's limitations may well make it less unique, more commoditized -- more like the iPad.

Can Apple Win Over a Music Industry Burned by Pandora?

Tue May 27th, 2014

Andre Mouton

When Apple rolled out iTunes Radio last fall, it marked a radical departure from business as usual and a possible lifeline for recording artists.

Microsoft Faces a Tough Crowd and Hard Sell at Tomorrow's Surface Event

Mon May 19th, 2014

Andre Mouton

Surface has torn apart what was once a happy family, at a time when a coordinated approach is more important than ever.

Are the Google and Amazon Price Cuts Too Good to Be True?

Mon May 12th, 2014

Andre Mouton

Growth is holding everything together for now, but will it lead to an inevitable explosion?

Why Amazon's Smartphone Will Be Dead on Arrival

Mon May 5th, 2014

Andre Mouton

Success in mobile requires real investment -- and Amazon's money and resources are already focused elsewhere.
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