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Aaron Brown's Super Bowl XLIX Squares

Mon Jan 26th, 2015

Aaron Brown

A cheat sheet for a classic American gambling extravaganza.

Review: Ben Horowitz's The Hard Thing About Hard Things

Mon Sep 22nd, 2014

Aaron Brown

Horowitz's book makes clear that the harder you make the CEO's job, the better job you're doing.

This Weekend's Kentucky Derby: How to Find a Dark Horse, and Why Anyone Would

Thu May 1st, 2014

Aaron Brown

Though much riskier, this strategy is more fun than playing eeny-meeny-miny-moe on the same favorites everyone else is discussing.

Kentucky Derby Dark-Horse Theory: Can Value Investors Find a Favorable Bet?

Fri Apr 25th, 2014

Aaron Brown

Though much riskier, looking for a dark horse is more fun than playing eeny-meeny-miny-moe on the same contenders everyone else is discussing.

Selecting March Madness Brackets: Why Second-Favorite Teams Matter

Mon Mar 17th, 2014

Aaron Brown

Spoiler alert: This approach may help you in the office pool, but it's not going to get you Warren Buffett's billion-dollar prize.

The Big Game: How to Value and Trade Your 2014 Super Bowl Squares

Wed Jan 22nd, 2014

Aaron Brown

It will probably be the coldest Super Bowl in history, but landing the right square can keep you warm.

What to Expect From the Stock Market: 2014-2018

Mon Dec 30th, 2013

Aaron Brown

How expensive are stocks, and what's an investor to do about it?

What If Mathematicians Wrote the Headlines?

Mon Dec 23rd, 2013

Aaron Brown

A brief look at some popular headlines that defy mathematical principles.

Can a Value Investor Buy a Bitcoin?

Wed Dec 11th, 2013

Aaron Brown

Why Bank of America's "maximum fair value" formula is illogical, and how one might analyze the future potential of Bitcoin instead.

An Investor's Thanksgiving

Wed Nov 27th, 2013

Aaron Brown

Here are some reminders of what we can be grateful for in the past year's economic journey.
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