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History Shows We Should Expect a Gold Stocks Bear Market in 2014

Tue Apr 15th, 2014

James Debevec

Over the last half century, gold stocks have a 23% to 72% decline every three years.

Commodity Indicator Suggests Gold Stocks Are Retesting Their Lows

Mon Mar 24th, 2014

James Debevec

When commodities go up quickly, gold stocks go down quickly.

Indicators Suggest Gold Stocks and Silver Will Double

Mon Jul 1st, 2013

James Debevec

What happens after 60% gold stock bear markets? Also, silver shows bullish signs.

History Shows Gold Stocks Are Ready for a 'Magnificent' Rally

Mon Jun 3rd, 2013

James Debevec

Expect a surge of at least 52%, though past rallies of this nature have reached much higher.

5 Dramatically Oversold Gold Stock Indicators

Wed May 8th, 2013

James Debevec

Based on these indicators and historical evidence, gold stocks should soon see higher levels.

Extreme Indicator Alert: A Multi-Month Gold Stock Rally Appears Likely

Mon Apr 8th, 2013

James Debevec

This indicator has always led to 26% rallies for gold stocks.

Precious Metal Stocks Most Oversold Relative to the S&P 500 in History

Fri Mar 1st, 2013

James Debevec

Expect a big rally for gold stocks in March.

What Happens After Stocks Were Up Big in January?

Fri Feb 1st, 2013

James Debevec

Expect a big rally until the second half of the year, then a correction or a bear market.

When Interest Rates Rise, Which Assets Go Up and Which Go Down?

Thu Jan 24th, 2013

James Debevec

Take a look at different asset classes during periods of higher interest rates.

When Will Expected Inflation Hit 2.5%?

Thu Dec 13th, 2012

James Debevec

Just when most people were getting used to the idea of QE3, yesterday
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