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Beyond the Crisis: Allan Dodds Frank on the Culture of Corruption

Thu Feb 3rd, 2011

Allan Dodds Frank

Will corporate scandals continue to rock Wall Street in 2011?

Madoff Trustee Targets Accountants Avellino and Bienes Next

Fri Dec 10th, 2010

Allan Dodds Frank

Frank Avellino and Michael Bienes, who steered investors to Bernard Madoff and helped him evade the SEC in 1992, are going to be sued by Irving Picard, almost certainly for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Madoff Bankruptcy Trustee's "Hit List" Keeps Growing

Wed Dec 8th, 2010

Allan Dodds Frank

MassMutual and UBS (again) are the latest to plunge into Irving Picard's pickle barrel. His team will file more than 1,000 suits by midnight Saturday, the deadline two years after Bernard Madoff was charged with engineering the biggest Ponzi

Madoff Trustee Irving Picard Sues JPMorgan for $6.4 Billion; Will Investors Follow?

Fri Dec 3rd, 2010

Allan Dodds Frank

If Irving convinces judge to unseal the case, class-action lawyers will likely comb through the complaint to look for evidence to sue the bank on behalf of investors.

Bernie Madoff's Velvet Slippers Auctioned While Victims Put on Chopping Block

Thu Nov 11th, 2010

Allan Dodds Frank

More than 1,000 lawsuits are coming soon that will target the victims of Bernard Madoff and ask them to give back money they thought was theirs.

Kenneth Starr Proves He Still Doesn't Get It

Mon Jun 14th, 2010

Allan Dodds Frank

Learning nothing from Bernie Madoff, Starr sets himself up to die in jail.

After Madoff, White-Collar Time to Match White-Collar Crime

Tue Jun 30th, 2009

Allan Dodds Frank

Scammers may want to consider whether crime really pays.

Spilling the Beans on Bernie

Mon May 11th, 2009

Allan Dodds Frank

When Madoff told outside fundraisers to hide the facts, they did.


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