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Scott Reamer: Economies as Networks, Investors as Nodes

Tue Dec 17th, 2013

Scott Reamer, CIO, Rotella Chora

The "markets" are just a networked collection of traders competing and cooperating in both general and specific ways.

Gates and Buffett at Columbia

Thu Nov 12th, 2009

Scott Reamer

Gates and Buffett at Columbia University generating the type of raptur

Is Credit Really Improving?

Fri Oct 17th, 2008

Scott Reamer

It's remarkable how many sell siders are using two things to anchor bu

Hedge Funds, Urban Myth

Wed Sep 17th, 2008

Scott Reamer

Regarding Minyan Peter’s mailbag, it is an urban myth that hedge

Digging Through the Employment Report

Fri Sep 5th, 2008

Scott Reamer

The household survey of employment data,  which most economists b

Airlines and Oil?

Fri Jul 25th, 2008

Scott Reamer

Daily basis for the last 2 years of data, airlines vs. crude oil futur

Three Cheers For Deflation

Fri May 23rd, 2008

Scott Reamer

Better late than never.

New Key Stock? Wal-Mart

Thu May 1st, 2008

Scott Reamer

I propose that Wal-Mart (WMT) is as key a stock to the large

Fed's Pianalto says "very difficult" to know true asset value.

Thu Mar 27th, 2008

Scott Reamer

No, it isn't "difficult" to know the true value of an asset.

Something Smells Funky

Mon Mar 24th, 2008

Scott Reamer

This JP Morgan (JPM)/Bear Stearns (BSC) thing smells funky to me.Eithe
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