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Witches Brew: Satyajit Das' Outlook for 2015

Wed Jan 7th, 2015

Satyajit Das

An international finance expert looks forward in time and sees trouble.

News of The Death of American Economic Power Is Exaggerated!

Mon Nov 17th, 2014

Satyajit Das

The "cleanest dirty shirt" argument may be an incorrect interpretation.

Satyajit Das: China's Debt Chickens Are Coming Home to Roost

Mon Apr 7th, 2014

Satyajit Das

Observers worry whether high debt levels, increases in borrowing, and servicing problems will result in an economic crisis.

Satyajit Das: The G-20's Growth Commitment Is Much Ado About Nothing

Mon Mar 3rd, 2014

Satyajit Das

The G-20 commitments are largely meaningless. Few, if any, initiatives are likely to be implemented, and based on its previous performance, few targets will be met.

Satyajit Das: The Truth About Bank Earnings

Wed Feb 5th, 2014

Satyajit Das

Can the improvement in bank stocks actually be sustained?

Satyajit Das: Stock Market Investors Accentuate the Positive!

Mon Dec 30th, 2013

Satyajit Das

There is a growing gap between the financial markets and real economic activity, and investors are betting too strongly that a positive resolution is imminent.

Satyajit Das: Failure of Japan's 'Kamikaze' Economics Could Affect Entire World

Thu Oct 10th, 2013

Satyajit Das

Abenomics does not deal with key Japanese problems of debt and demography. But its policy failures will affect not only Japan, but the global economy as well.

Satyajit Das: Europe's Debt Crisis Will Return

Mon Sep 30th, 2013

Satyajit Das

Perhaps overly optimistic European governments and policy makers now proclaim a stabilization or lower rate of decline as an indication of the success of their policies.

Satyajit Das: Is an Emerging Market Crisis Coming?

Mon Sep 16th, 2013

Satyajit Das

Many now fear a rerun of 1994's Great Bond Massacre, which triggered emerging market crises and a 10-year setback to many Asian economies.

Satyajit Das: In Japan, Neither the 2020 Olympics Nor Abenomics Will Be Magic Bullet

Mon Sep 9th, 2013

Satyajit Das

Tokyo's winning bid for the Olympics and Shinzo Abe's new economic policies have given the Japanese new hope. Outsiders still have doubts.
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