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Michael Gayed: A December Massacre for the Stock Market?

Tue Dec 16th, 2014

Michael A. Gayed

Given the history of how stock market collapses happen, we may be ripe for a shock move lower.

Michael Gayed: Will Gold Ever Rally Again?

Fri Nov 7th, 2014

Michael A. Gayed

Gold has been underperforming for years and investors are throwing in the towel.

Currency Wars To Break Dollar?

Mon Nov 3rd, 2014

Michael A. Gayed

The stronger dollar has caused defensive equity sectors to lead.

Michael Gayed: Will Technology Lead the Next Leg Lower?

Thu Oct 23rd, 2014

Michael A. Gayed

If technology weakens, it could lead the market down in the next leg lower.

Michael Gayed: A New Rotation Emerges

Mon Oct 20th, 2014

Michael A. Gayed

The market shows that investors have been following the wrong narratives for two years.

Michael Gayed: The Wrong Rates Are Rising

Thu Oct 16th, 2014

Michael A. Gayed

If junk bonds continue to weaken, equity markets could get hurt very badly.

Market Notes: Oh, That's Gonna Leave a Mark!

Wed Oct 15th, 2014

Michael Comeau

Intel (INTC) is getting absolutely smashed today. Its quarter and guid

Michael Gayed: Why Large Caps Could Collapse

Wed Oct 15th, 2014

Michael A. Gayed

Markets are driven by psychology and behavior. As a result, large caps could suffer, regardless of the fundamentals.

Will Ebola Fear Cause Healthcare Blowoff?

Tue Oct 7th, 2014

Michael A. Gayed

Healthcare outperformance is reaching new highs.

Michael Gayed: A Rising Dollar May Change Everything

Tue Aug 26th, 2014

Michael A. Gayed

If economic growth does not pick up, interest rates could stay low longer than you think.
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