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Michael Gayed: A Rising Dollar May Change Everything

Tue Aug 26th, 2014

Michael A. Gayed

If economic growth does not pick up, interest rates could stay low longer than you think.

Michael Gayed: The Fed is Screwed

Thu Aug 21st, 2014

Michael A. Gayed

There is a deflation pulse in the Treasury market.

Yellen's Potentially Massive Problem: Inflation Correction?

Tue Jul 15th, 2014

Michael A. Gayed

Inflation expectations are rising, and that might be a big problem for the Fed chair.

Europe Is in Big Trouble: Two Reasons to Watch for Volatility

Thu Jun 26th, 2014

Michael A. Gayed

Market indicators say Draghi's monetary experiment may end up failing.

Are Utilities Warning of a Correction Ahead?

Wed Jun 18th, 2014

Michael A. Gayed

The bull market is alive and well. Too bad it's the bull market in utilities.

How to Know if Draghi Will Succeed at Reflation

Thu Jun 12th, 2014

Michael A. Gayed

Watch for a continuation of strength in Spain relative to Germany and a continued drop in the euro.

The Stock Market's GDP Denial Could End Badly

Thu May 29th, 2014

Michael A. Gayed

Looks like the bond market may be right after all.

Democracy Is the New Quantitative Easing

Mon May 19th, 2014

Michael A. Gayed

Recent elections results in India and subsequent top-performing markets prove that investors shouldn't chase QE.

Why Large-Cap Stocks Can't Seem to Break

Wed May 14th, 2014

Michael A. Gayed

It might simply be because emerging markets won't let them.

Michael Gayed: Will Payrolls Spark Inflation?

Fri May 2nd, 2014

Michael A. Gayed

Payroll data was strong, and inflation expectation may be ticking up, but will it stick without wage growth?
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