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Michael Gayed: Will Technology Lead the Next Leg Lower?

Thu Oct 23rd, 2014

Michael A. Gayed

If technology weakens, it could lead the market down in the next leg lower.

Michael Gayed: A New Rotation Emerges

Mon Oct 20th, 2014

Michael A. Gayed

The market shows that investors have been following the wrong narratives for two years.

Michael Gayed: The Wrong Rates Are Rising

Thu Oct 16th, 2014

Michael A. Gayed

If junk bonds continue to weaken, equity markets could get hurt very badly.

Market Notes: Oh, That's Gonna Leave a Mark!

Wed Oct 15th, 2014

Michael Comeau

Intel (INTC) is getting absolutely smashed today. Its quarter and guid

Michael Gayed: Why Large Caps Could Collapse

Wed Oct 15th, 2014

Michael A. Gayed

Markets are driven by psychology and behavior. As a result, large caps could suffer, regardless of the fundamentals.

Will Ebola Fear Cause Healthcare Blowoff?

Tue Oct 7th, 2014

Michael A. Gayed

Healthcare outperformance is reaching new highs.

Michael Gayed: A Rising Dollar May Change Everything

Tue Aug 26th, 2014

Michael A. Gayed

If economic growth does not pick up, interest rates could stay low longer than you think.

Michael Gayed: The Fed is Screwed

Thu Aug 21st, 2014

Michael A. Gayed

There is a deflation pulse in the Treasury market.

Yellen's Potentially Massive Problem: Inflation Correction?

Tue Jul 15th, 2014

Michael A. Gayed

Inflation expectations are rising, and that might be a big problem for the Fed chair.

Europe Is in Big Trouble: Two Reasons to Watch for Volatility

Thu Jun 26th, 2014

Michael A. Gayed

Market indicators say Draghi's monetary experiment may end up failing.
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