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March Madness: Using Game Theory to Win the Office Pool

Mon Feb 27th, 2012

Aaron Brown

Of the tens of millions of people who will exchange about $2.5 billion during March Madness, only a few will know any game theory. But those few will be rewarded with more than their share of the pool.

How to Exploit Game Theory for Profit

Thu Feb 16th, 2012

Aaron Brown

Game theory works best when combined with solid statistical analysis and thorough fundamental investigation.

Using Game Theory to Model Market Uncertainty

Mon Feb 6th, 2012

Aaron Brown

Here, traps a trader can fall into by not understanding the distinction between uncertainty due to randomness and uncertainty due to actions of other people.

Are Hedge Funds Worthwhile Investments?

Wed Feb 1st, 2012

Aaron Brown

We don't need a lot of analysis to guess that the average investor shouldn't be in hedge funds. The relevant question is, should any investor be in hedge funds?
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