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VXX: Contango and Cash

Thu Feb 6th, 2014

Steve Smith

Stock market volatility is on the rise, which means trading opportunities in volatility itself.

Options Strategy: Exploit the Correlation Crush

Tue Feb 4th, 2014

Steve Smith

Dispersion strategies can bring big profits to those with superior stock picking skills.

Volatility Precedes Price

Mon Feb 3rd, 2014

Jeffrey Cooper

January's black-and-blue streak of volatility is likely to precede poor price action in 2014.

The Power of the Square of 9

Fri Jan 31st, 2014

Jeffrey Cooper

Is it happenstance that Amazon has been rejected with authority from 408?

Secrets of the Square of 9 Chart

Tue Jan 28th, 2014

Jeffrey Cooper

Time points to price, and price points to time regarding the high and this upcoming March 6 anniversary.

Paired Trades: Using Options to Reduce Risk

Mon Jan 27th, 2014

Steve Smith

Paired trades can be extremely lucrative with the smart use of options.

Is the S&P Coiling for a Strong Move Up or Down?

Tue Jan 21st, 2014

Jeffrey Cooper

If you are waiting for the "news" to ring the dinner bell, I think the action of the market itself will better serve you.

Will Stocks Turn a Brighter Shade of Red?

Tue Jan 14th, 2014

Jeffrey Cooper

Although the truth is often plain to see, investors don't believe what they see.

Portfolio Protection: Stocks Are High and Options are Low

Thu Jan 9th, 2014

Steve Smith

For the prudent investor, the price is right.

The Glamour Stocks: Profit Taking or Something More Sinister?

Tue Jan 7th, 2014

Jeffrey Cooper

The first five trading days of January show a high frequency of matching the full month and the full year.
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