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Jeff Cooper: Mr. Crash's Calling Card

Thu Feb 11th, 2016

Jeffrey Cooper

There are only two kinds of traders in stampedes: the quick and the dead.

Todd Harrison: A View of the Financial Universe

Tue Feb 9th, 2016

Todd Harrison

The future is here and it wants its money back.

A Grizzly Week And A Terrifying Case Of Airpocketism

Mon Feb 8th, 2016

Jeffrey Cooper

Bull markets are often like a game of chess...

Fractal Of the August Bottom?

Thu Feb 4th, 2016

Jeffrey Cooper

A funny thing happened on the way to what bears presumed would be another leg down in stocks and oil

John Succo: The Same Stupid Central Banker Stuff

Wed Feb 3rd, 2016

John Succo

Bank of Japan Governor Kuroda is attempting to devalue the currency.

The Key To The Market

Mon Feb 1st, 2016

Jeffrey Cooper

History has a knack for repeating itself. In this article Jeffrey Cooper visits that history and what it may mean for 2016.

Oil/SPX Correlation Decoupling

Thu Jan 28th, 2016

Jeffrey Cooper

Is the correlation between Oil and SPX coming to an end?

Price Is the Final Arbiter

Wed Jan 20th, 2016

Jeffrey Cooper

There are only a few words that really matter in markets.

Dome Of Doom

Thu Jan 14th, 2016

Jeffrey Cooper

Jeff Cooper talks the recent down move in the markets and how that ties into the past

Let It Bleed

Thu Jan 7th, 2016

Jeffrey Cooper

Jeff Cooper looks at the recent weakness in the SPX and where it may be headed based on the tools he is looking at.
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