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Minyanville Underground Railroad: Festivus Check on Aisle Five!


Dear Ambassador,

This week, we're asking the Minyanville Underground Railroad to help spread the Minyan Mojo through our new promotion, Get Positive on Money.

We believe it's time for some serious financial empowerment and we're putting our money where our mouth is -- literally! Starting this month, we're spreading our wings throughout the land as we do our part to affect positive change.

For six months, Minyanville-stamped dollar bills will circulate the country with the message "Get Positive on Money!" When ye faithful stumble upon a Minyanville-stamped dollar bill, they can visit the 'Ville to find out if their buck is suddenly worth a Benjy. If it is, we'll send a check for $100 in cold, hard cash!

Get Positive on Money feeds into Minyanville's mission to provide people with the necessary tools to secure their financial future. If there are lessons to be learned from the financial crisis, it's that people must understand the central tenets of money, the risks we collectively face and situations to avoid.

This is where the MUR comes in -- we hope you can help us spread Minyan Money far and wide and build awareness of what we do and how we do it. If you're interested in participating in this program, please contact Sarah Potts for more details and we'll together take the next step.

Festivus Check on Aisle Five!

On Friday December 4th, we'll be hosting our annual Festivus in New York City to support The Ruby Peck Foundation for Children's Education. As our last three holiday events have been sold out, we encourage you to lock your spot for the critter trot.

This isn't your ordinary fundraiser -- there will be three rocking bands, all-you-can-eat BBQ, some casino action, an open top-shelf bar, and more Minyans and Professors than you can shake a stick at! We're all about community in these parts and this is one soiree you won't wanna miss.

We're offering a limited edition "Friends and Family" discount (20% off) to those on the MUR. As this is 100% "for the kids," we'll leave it in your hands whether you wish to take advantage of this offer. For those who do, please enter "Family09" as a registration code and get ready to celebrate this wickedly wild journey!

Sneak Peak at Minyan Vibes

Following the completion of the serialized version of Memoirs of a Minyan -- and many thanks to all those who offered their kind feedback -- we would like to continue to offer those on the Underground Railroad a sneak peak at coming attractions in the 'Ville.

Consistent with that, please click here for tomorrow's headline today!

Thank you all for all you do.

With passion and purpose,

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