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Minyanville Underground Railroad: The Decade of Decadence


Sneak Peek

Below is an excerpt from Todd's column, What In the World Is Going On? which will publish on Minyanville tomorrow morning. This is a MUR exclusive.

Time can be measured many ways but through a pure financial lens, the last ten years have been nothing short of remarkable.

We witnessed technology stocks that rocketed to the moon crash back to earth.

We watched bipolar disorder come full circle in real estate; a manic craze followed by the depression phase.

China seemingly held the key to world prosperity before the devil of deflation brought the other side of globalization to bear.

Crude was viewed as a new paradigm until we discovered the difference between hiding spots and safe-havens.

And credit, the mother of all bubbles with total debt-to-GDP stretched towards 400%, reached the zenith of its elasticity and unwound with furious vengeance until the government saved the day and mortgaged our future.

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