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Minyanville Underground Railroad: What In the World Is Going On?


Sneak Peek

Below is an excerpt from Todd's column, What In the World Is Going On? which will publish on Minyanville tomorrow morning. This is a MUR exclusive.

We've danced around some delicate topics through the years; subjects that many didn't want to hear, much less accept.

We flagged Fannie Mae (FNM) and Freddie Mac (FRE) in 2005 before most folks blinked an eye.

We mused in 2006 that seeds were being sown for something "entirely more depressing than a recession" as the markets climbed a slippery slope.

When we offered that Wall Street was technically insolvent in 2007 -- as financial stocks were near all-time highs -- we didn't make many friends.

We argued that an invisible hand was responsible for the unnatural bid to the tape and people thought we fell out of our tree.

When we poohed crude in the midst of the 2008 mania -- prior to the 75% oil slick -- and shared the variant view that lower energy prices would be equity negative, you could almost see conventional wisdom wince.

Indeed, we've made a lot of prescient observations -- along with our fair share of mistakes -- as we navigated the twists and turns of this wild world...

Click here for the full article.

The 2009 Minyanville Festivus to Benefit Children's Education

On December 4, Minyans from around the country and world gathered in the heart of Manhattan for good food, with good people, and for a great cause. Click here for Todd's recap of the event, complete with pictures.

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