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Marc Sperling

Mr. Sperling has been actively trading for 15 years, achieving success since the Asian contagion and beginning of the dot com boom. After gaining notoriety for his success as a broker at Olde Discount Brokers in 1996, he left the firm to pursue his own goals as a trader. After several years of success as a trader at Broadway Trading, in 2000 Mr. Sperling started his own firm, Sperling Enterprises, LLC. Under his direction, in 2007 Sperling Enterprises merged with Nexis Capital to create T3 Capital. T3 Live was created shortly thereafter.

Marc received a B.S. in Marketing from Ithaca College. He is a Co-Founder of T3 Live and is a managing member and Director of Trading for T3 Trading Group, LLC.

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