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Duncan Parker
Duncan Parker began his career as a Financial Advisor with Morgan Stanley i= n the rose-tinted heyday of the 2006 bull market. Like many others, he beca= me concerned about a perceived dislocation between the equity markets and r= esidential real estate. Little contrarian research availed at the time unti= l a colleague introduced him to Technical Analysis. Although not quite expe= rienced enough to profit from his newfound hobby, it proved to be a perfect= market environment to practice the proper application of techniques he spe= nt much of his time uncovering.

In 2012, Duncan left Merrill Lynch to focus his time on a handful of high-n= et-worth clientele and further develop systematic trading algorithms. As a = Financial Advisor, Duncan often felt those just starting to invest, or with= out a significant portfolio already, were largely underserved and set out i= n search of a way to assist this demographic. He is now a Managing Me= mber of Queen Anne's Revenge, LLC/LP, an RIA and hedge fund employing= quantitative strategies through data mining seasonality trends with techni= cal analysis in equities, options, futures, and foreign exchange markets --= strategies he hopes to offer to the public in the very new future.

Duncan lives in Virginia Beach, VA, with wife Jennifer and son Paxton (&quo= t;Pax"). He's a graduate of Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL= , where he earned a BA in Business Administration and is currently a candid= ate for the Market Technician's Association CMT (Chartered Market Tec= hnician) designation as well as the International Federation of Technical A= nalysis MFTA (Master of Finance in Technical Analysis) degree.
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