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Jason Haver
Jason Haver writes via his blog, Pretzel Logic. He made a name for himself (actually, for his moniker) during the 2008 crash by calling most of the market turns with exceptional accuracy, often within a few SPX points. He even called the exact March 2009 bottom in real-time on, in their intra-day trading forum.

He has made, and lost, a fair sum of money in the market, and likes to think he's learned a few things along the way.

Outside of trading, in a past life, he was instrumental in bringing great success to numerous struggling sales-oriented businesses, by implementing new, successful sales and marketing strategies. He is well-renowned for his sales acumen: back when he was on the sales floor, he was the top salesman in his industry in the state of New Mexico for almost a decade running. He's personally closed over $20 million in sales to individuals, a few thousand dollars each sale. He feels he's gained some deep insights about people and psychology through sales, and that this, too, makes him a better trader.

His interest in psychology is one the factors that has made Elliott Wave Theory his "go to" trading tool, since psychology factors heavily into the wave structures. He does not, however, rely on Elliott Wave exclusively, and often utilizes traditional technical analysis combined with confirming indicators to validate or invalidate certain counts.
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