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David Miller
David Miller is the Portfolio Manager for hedge fund Alpine BioVentures. David is also the former CEO of the independent research firm Biotech Stock Research, Mr. Miller’s specialty is in-depth research into the science, operations, management, and market potential of development-stage biotechnology companies.

Biotech Stock Research was created in 1999 to provide research to professional and individual investors free of the conflicts of interest plaguing most Wall Street research. Well known in the biotech community for speaking his mind, Mr. Miller provided the firm’s clients with market-beating research for over 14 years.

In addition to co-founding BSR, Mr. Miller currently co-teaches an entrepreneur's workshop for the Center for Student Entrepreneurship at the University of Washington - Bothell. Previously, he was CEO of a successful technology company.

He welcomes your comments and feedback. Click here to send him a note.
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