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Lloyd Khaner
Lloyd Khaner is the General Partner of Khaner Capital, L.P, a long-short hedge fund. He selects stocks for the portfolio, sets the Fund’s investment strategy, oversees the Fund’s portfolio and directs its resources. Khaner Capital, L.P. has outperformed the S&P 500 for the last 15 years. 

Lloyd has been interviewed on Bloomberg TV as well as Morningstar TV. He is a member of the Intelligent Investing Investor Team. His most recent speaking engagements include the Value Investing Congress 2010 in Pasadena, California, the Value Investing Seminar 2010 in Italy and the Value Investing Congress 2009 in NYC. Previously, Lloyd wrote a monthly stock market column for Institutional Investor magazine titled “Lloyd’s Wall of Worry.” Lloyd was featured in Value Investing Insight in May 2006 and has been quoted in news sources including the Wall Street Journal, DSN Retailing Today, and the Financial Times.
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