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Professor Pinch
Professor Pinch writes about macroeconomics having spent the better part of his career vacillating between financial services, market research and software firms.

The good professor received a B.A. in Economics from the University of Maryland, but only after a great deal of angst largely due to the Duke men's basketball team. From there, he worked in in the trenches of subprime lending. These were the bad old days; back when things called "pay stubs" and "appraisals" were required to actually get a home loan. From there, he went on to work at some local software and data service start-ups in the D.C. area that he's sure you never have nor ever will hear of.

After moving to Charlotte, N.C. he worked for a number of years at First Union Corp., a predecessor to Wachovia Corporation. While there, he had a variety of positions in project management, online products and services and corporate treasury.

Currently he is working on his pursuit of a CFA (he's a level 2 candidate), some writing projects and, unlike Kevin Depew, tries to avoid contact with velour at all costs.

He currently lives outside of Charlotte, N.C. with his wife and son
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