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Evan Lazarus
Evan Lazarus is the Chief Knowledge Officer of T3 Live. He leads the company's strategic vision for trader education and manages all of T3 Live's intellectual property. Mr. Lazarus employs a technical swing trading strategy. Experience: Mr. Lazarus has been in the equity trading business for 11 years. After three successful years at Freelance Equity Trading, LLC, he took a managing director position at Sperling Enterprises, LLC. At Sperling Enterprises, Mr. Lazarus, along with Scott Redler, managed the firm's traders and developed its highly successful training program. His core competency lies in understanding the difficult psychological aspect of trading, and his ability to mentor other traders drove much of the firm's consistent success. Mr. Lazarus became a partner in Sperling Enterprises in 2006 and stepped into the role of Chief Operating Officer for the company. In 2007, he helped facilitate the merger between Nexis Capital and Sperling Enterprises. Mr. Lazarus now manages all trading content at T3 and T3 Capital Management.

Education: Mr. Lazarus received a B.A. in Communications from the University of Miami. Personal Statement: We created T3 Live to start a revolution. At the heart of our revolution is one simple philosophy: A great organization must not only accommodate the fact that each trader is different, it must capitalize on these differences. It must watch for clues to each trader's natural talents and then position and develop each trader so that his or her talents are transformed into bona fide strengths. By changing the way we select, measure, develop and channel the careers of our traders, our revolutionary organization will build its entire enterprise around the strengths of each person.

"Do it because you Love it." -Fortune Cookie
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