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Mike Schuster
Born and raised in North Jersey, Mike Schuster has somehow molded a lifelong proclivity of crackin' wise into a steady paycheck. He spent five and a half years as a Contributing Writer for The Onion and had his work featured in Long Island Pulse, FriendSpaceBook, and other defunct ventures.

Mike also co-wrote a pilot for Comedy Central and a book in the Would You Rather... series.

Drawing upon three decades of watching sitcoms, sketch shows, and Twilight Zone reruns, he now works as a Staff Writer for Minyanville and is always on-call for any writing project in its not-fully-fleshed-out, pre-funding stages -- no matter how closely those harbingers of disaster resemble the oranges in The Godfather.

He is currently a resident of Jersey City and a survivor of chronic petulance. He can also be found on Twitter here.
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