Bond Basics Part 4: Useful Charts and Definitions

Bennet Sedacca
  2013-12-24 12:49:04


Be Sure You Pay the Right Price

Credit Ratings

Credit Risk Moody's Standard & Poor's Fitch
Prime Aaa AAA AAA
Excellent Aa AA AA
Upper medium A A A
Lower Medium Baa BBB BBB
Speculative Ba BB BB
Very Speculative B, Caa B, CCC, CC B, CCC, CC, C
Default Ca, C D DDD, DD, D

Taxable Income

10% 15% 25% 28% 33% 35% 36%
Single Return $0-$7,300 $7,300-$29,700 $29,701-$71,950 $71,951-$150,150 $150,151-$326,450 $326,451 & over Sample effective marginal rate for certain
Joint Return $0-$14,600 $14,601-$59,400 $59,401-$119,950 $119,951-$182,800 $182,801-$326,450 $326,451 & over High income tax payers

Tax-Exempt Yields and Their Taxable Yield Equivalents

Terms & Definitions

Some data in this presentation was retrieved from Bloomberg LP, Ibbotson and We thank them for their very useful information.

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