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Investing in the Future: 4 Money Courses for Young Adults

Wed Apr 16, 2014 11:08 EST

As adults across the country rack up student loans and credit card debt without a second thought, many people lament the lack of financial education in American schools.

Luckily, several organizations -- some you'll probably recognize -- are launching personal finance classes for the next generation, so young adults can learn not to make the same mistakes as those who came before them.

In honor of Financial Literacy Month, we at LearnVest rounded up four course offerings that will teach young adults to,take control of their financial lives.

Money Management for Life by The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America

Guardian teamed up with community colleges across the country to produce this personal finance intro course, which is offered for college credit.

The course combines lesson plans and guest speakers to give students the know-how they need to help make the best financial choices throughout every stage of their lives, from saving for retirement and college costs to insurance planning.

Guardian says the program has already seen some success at Connecticut community colleges. All students surveyed after taking the course reported a positive experience and said that they were planning to make changes to how they handle their financial lives. Guardian plans to expand the program throughout 2014.

Financial Literacy 101 by Decision Partners

Financial Literacy 101 has built its program on offering a personalized learning experience to students, who can sign up through their college, credit union, or community organization. This includes getting one-on-one feedback about their money beliefs from experts and custom course content based on their particular needs.

It looks like that model is paying off. Decision Partners's research revealed that students tend to spend three times longer on the Financial Literacy 101 site than they did on the next leading online financial education course. 93% of course graduates reported that it was a good experience, and almost five out of six would recommend it to a friend.


MoneyU is a digital course that can be either implemented in a classroom setting or on an individual basis. Created with the young and digital savvy in mind, the courses are short and to the point (three to five minutes each) and combine video, widgets, and simulations to make the subject matter engaging and even fun.

The course is self-directed, so busy students can work through the material at their own pace. It also allows them to spend more time on the topics they find most challenging, so the lessons can really stick.


CashCourse is a financial readiness program for college students available to all private and public nonprofit universities and colleges in the United States.

The program combines customizable online financial education tools that students can tackle on their own with workshops and other course materials that educators can use in the classroom.

Editor's note: This story originally appeared on LearnVest.

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