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Answers: What Comes After "The Easy" Trade?


The uptrend from March remains in play.

  • Has societal acrimony finally arrived in the city of critters?

  • Remember that "big picture" S&P trendline from the March lows we recently highlighted?

  • Do you see the exact same set-up in four-letter land?

  • Wasn't the initial Snapper off those levels -- on the first probe after a deep sell-off -- the "easy" trade?

  • Won't bulls buy dips until those lines are violated and won't that work until it doesn't?

  • Do you understand that the fatal flaw of that approach is an overnight gap lower?

  • While watershed deflation would render this thought obsolete, could the energy complex offer an "outside the box" hedge against broader market exposure?

  • Perhaps because the silence from Israel is deafening?

  • Did you read on yesterday's Buzz that I gingerly began to re-initiate some short-side exposure (after covering a slew late last week) in the context of defined risk?

  • Where, you ask, might that "defined risk" be?

  • How about "Mini Me" resistance (the recent lower highs) at NDX 1710ish and S&P 1050ish, for those who wanna keep it nice and tight?

  • Or fresh highs, if you prefer to tether out your risk leash?

  • While price is the ultimate arbiter of variant views, wouldn't Marcel Marceau note that yesterday's volume was 16% slower than the volume over the past month? (thanks Minyan Mike O'Rourke for the wink)

  • Does the bovine relay race require the bullish baton to be deftly passed from the government-sponsored euphoria to corporate America to the consumer?

  • Haven't we attempted that before?

  • And learned there is indeed a difference between debt-induced largesse and legitimate end-demand?

  • While that may not matter yet, isn't the only difference between a mistake and a lesson the ability to learn from it?

  • Do all geese have IBS?

  • Does anyone else see the mother of all face-offs lurking for the S&P as the downtrend line (from 2007) approaches the uptrend line (from March)?

  • Why were Peak Freans so serious?

  • Why is every bone in my body begging me to move out of NYC?

  • And you thought it couldn't get any worse for the Raiders?

  • Are any NYC area Minyans going to the Meadowlands on Sunday to see the New York football Giants take on the admittedly limping silver and black? (if so, click here!)

  • Why did Mother Morgan (MS) suddenly act funky late yesterday afternoon?

  • Should we similarly spy Amazon (AMZN), Research in Motion (RIMM), Microsoft (MSFT) and American Insurance Group (AIG) (other red beans in yesterday's green sea) as we tee up Turnaround Tuesday?

  • Would now be a good time to circle back to that reverse dandruff in Gold?

  • Should it power through this level, will active types use Gold 1035 as near-term risk definition to guard against the dreaded Pop & Drop?

  • Did you see Hoofy and Boo ask the question, "Does crime pay?"

  • The reason for the upside pre-market rhyme is that Australia unexpectedly raised interest rates?

  • Really?

  • As my "five cities in as many days" business trip (starting Monday) lands me in Syracuse University next Friday for a Minyanville Town Hall Chat, would now be a good time to extend an invite to any and all upstate Minyans who have an interest in attending? (Click here for more information.)

  • Is this our mission should we choose to accept it?

  • Do you have mini-Minyans running around and if so, would you be willing to introduce Minyanland-which teaches earning, spending, saving and giving-to an administrator at your children's school? If so, can you please ping MV Family Media GM Laurie Petersen?

  • If you set up a pairs with Warren and Jimmy, which way would you lean?


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