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The Year-End Bender: Trap Door or Melt-Up?


Pick a side or stand aside.


It was a humdinga of a weekend between our wildly successful Festivus and those pesky Raiders keeping their silver and black helmets in the hunt for a playoff spot. As I spent most of the weekend winding down and the last several hours catching up, here are some top-line vibes as we kick-off our five-session set.

My first reaction when I heard that Groupon spurred a $6 billion offer from Google (GOOG) was that this was the type of news you hear near a top. Then, in a rare Saturday afternoon respite, I saw The Social Network (the story of Facebook), followed later that night by the segment on 60 Minutes.

Facebook was offered one billion dollars by Yahoo (YHOO) a few years ago and turned it down. Now they're worth upwards of 25 times more than that (on the gray market, or so we're told). I suppose the question we must ask ourselves is, "Is GroupOn the next Facebook?" I get the whole "Globalization through localization" idea -- it's sorta like society as the sum of its parts -- but six beans for that puppy?

That seems a bit ironic, particularly given the frugal nature of their audience.

Of course, Big Ben was also on 60 Minutes. As I'm told "compromise" is a big part of cohabitation, I agreed to watch the show between the 1:00 PM, 4:00 PM, and 8:00 PM football games (no seriously, that's the deal).

Perhaps I was sitting too close to my plasma but I could swear I saw a subtle quiver in Mr. Bernanke's lower lip. We won't quibble over the content or his message -- we've done that in spades, and we'll do it some more. The fact that the FOMC PR is in overdrive is perhaps all we need to know.

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