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Random Thoughts: Regulate This!


The world revolves around reform.


It's Turnaround Tuesday in the 'Ville and I awoke with a burning question seared into my frontal lobe: Which of the following is the most frustrating element of my overnight session?

) Spending hours at MVHQ last night working on my syndicated column (for tomorrow) and awaking this morning to find all sorts of news on my chosen topic? Thanks Chancellor Merkel and Jean-Claude and Papa G -- you couldn't wait one day to paint the tape?

) Migrating from my office to "other evening efforts" and missing most of 24. A week without Jack is like a year without football.

) Waking up late, rushing through my morning routine, hailing a cab and hearing a loud RIP as I sat down; the tear extended from the "zipper region" to the knee area. Noice.

) All of the above; it's cumulative.

I'm gonna go with D -- all of the above -- but I'm not gonna let it color my mood. While many believe your entire energy is defined the first moments of each day, I'm gonna put that theory to the test, shake it off and turn the tide. I must first communicate, however, that I did change my jeans before coming to work, lest there are any bad visuals floating around.

There's a lot jockeying for mind-share this morning so let's hop to it. Before we unleash those hounds, I will as ye faithful to chew through these two articles, in front of my missive mañana, for they help paint the landscape we've dutifully monitored the last few months.

Some other random yet related vibes:

  • "Europe and America must say 'enough is enough' to those speculators who only place value on immediate returns, with utter disregard for the consequences on the larger economic system," Papandreou said yesterday in a speech in Washington.

  • When did "speculator" become such a dirty word?

  • Right after "banker"?

  • Is that similar to when "recession" was considered anathema?
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