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Answers I Really Wanna Know: The Turnaround Tuesday Knee-Jerk


Are traders watching for a counter-trend day?

  • Have you ever taken walking for granted?

  • Isn't one of our five reasons for optimism-other than the obvious real estate bargains-the ability to view rallies through the proper lens (of selling blips vs. buying dips)?

  • Will Minyanville be early to the "inside-out global recovery scenario" just as we were when we first discussed the "prolonged period of socioeconomic malaise" before it infected our financial system?

  • Even if the other side of the credit crunch is four to five years away?

  • And despite our efforts in mapping the phases of the pain in kind?

  • Why are so many people shooting the messenger?

  • Isn't that in and of itself endemic of the societal acrimony we've so often discussed?

  • Will we get our short-term counter-trend bullish "hit it and quit it" energy set-up into crude $110?

  • Do you see that the higher lows in the S&P (read: bullish trendline since the July lows) still in place on a closing basis at S&P 1270?

  • Will Bonnie Tyler again sing a Turnaround Tuesday song?

  • Wasn't Minyanville talking about the Nationalization of Fannie (FNM) and Freddie (FRE) when the former storm was oat $70?

  • Don't I distinctly remember discussing risks of debt, derivatives, the dollar, stagflation, Fannie Mae and the boxed-in-Fed on Squawk Box in 2003 and feeling like I was twisting in the wind (I was!)?

  • How can you not be impressed with Michael Phelps?

  • Or U.S. women's two-person volleyball?

  • Or women's two-person volleyball in general?

  • Did you read Dr. John Hussman's thought that "If July turns out to be the low point for this bear market, it will then mark the second highest level of valuation that a cyclical bull has ever started from (the highest starting valuation level was in 2003). The risks are material if this bear market was to end at the average price-to-peak earnings multiple of past recessionary troughs. For the price multiple on peak earnings to touch the long-term average of 10.4, the S&P would need to fall to S&P 885."

  • How bad do you think societal acrimony would be if the S&P shed a quick 34% from current levels?

  • A lot worse than it was near all-time highs when the writing was already on the wall, eh?

  • Have you taken your 14 day FREE trial to our Buzz & Banter to get real-time insights and ideas throughout the trading day?

  • Has there ever been an election where the vice-presidential nominations have been more important?

  • Why can't I shake the sense that Yahoo (YHOO) is going to be gobbled up by one of the mainstream media wagons?

  • Of those five outfits-News Corp (NWS), NBC-Universal (GE), Viacom (VIA), Time Warner (TWX) and Disney (DIS)-why is the House of Mouse nibbling on my noggin as the most intuitive fit?

  • While I don't invest on intuition or hairs on the back of my neck can we please consider this forthright communication that I've begun an upside call option position in Yahoo and I plan to "trade around" it as a function of time and price?

  • After all, in the next-generation media landscape where eyeballs are the new audience, doesn't Yahoo have massive franchise value as the television network of the future?

  • Alex Rodriguezberg?


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