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Stress Test: The University of Phoenix


A good online education, or are you better off skipping class somewhere else?


The University of Phoenix (APOL) makes it possible for the harried mother of 4 and 19-year-old who can't find a clean pair of pants to get an education on their own time.

But it's not the only institute of higher online learning.

Having gained in credibility, students now have their choice among an array of accredited virtual campuses.

Minyanville gave the industry-leading University of Phoenix a fraternity-style hazing to find out how it stacks up against its conference rivals.

Course Catalogue
Student Body
Celebrity Endorsement
University of Phoenix:
Born from the belief that quality education can be publicly traded.
University of Phoenix:
"Thinking ahead." Probably a bad idea to urge would-be students to consider their future; they may decide to attend an actual university.
University of Phoenix:
Education majors won't soon forget their class in "Presentation Pizzazz."
University of Phoenix:
The envy of brick-and-mortar institutions for its diversity and ability to go from class to pajama party without changing.
University of Phoenix:
The de facto endorsement of alumnus Shaquille O'Neal would have you believe all graduates go on to become 7'1" basketball superstars.
Capella University:
Pioneered the notion that college need not be something you actually attend.
Walden University:
"A higher degree. A higher purpose." Unsurprisingly,
resulted in a cease and desist letter from the publisher of High Times.
DeVry University:
Several courses may teach students how to hack an online grade.
Columbia Southern University:
Nearly half the students are on active duty, which makes the other half a bunch of far-left bomb-throwers who want America to lose.
Kaplan University:
Is your college endorsed by the guy who played Uncle Phil in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air? No? Pssshhh!
University of Phoenix
DeVry University
University of Phoenix
University of Phoenix
University of Phoenix none University of Phoenix University of Phoenix
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