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Answers I Really Wanna Know: How Will Markets Transition Into 2Q?


After a bruising first quarter, will markets recover?

  • If Hoofy is gonna bust a move higher, isn't today his best bet considering 1) the potential for monthly inflows, 2) it's Turnaround Tuesday and 3) perception is starting to percolate that the rate of negative change is abating as it pertains to both housing and write-downs by the financials?

  • Why did I just think of Horshack?

  • Isn't the $3 billion convertible preferred offering by Lehman Brothers (LEH) the definition of deflation?

  • When will the "write-up" manifest in the mainstream lexicon?

  • Where the heck is Franklin Raines?

  • With coordinated government agendas on one side and cumulative structural imbalances on the other, how can anyone have a high degree of confidence on either side of the ride?

  • Doesn't "hit it to quit it" afford us the opportunity to dance while the music plays and find a seat when it ends?

  • Who is the next Bear? Good question Professor Bennet!

  • Y'all see market internals hanging tougher than Ken Wahl in The Wanderers yesterday?

  • How do you shoot the devil in the back. What if you miss?

  • Minyan surfers are telling me to put bubble wrap in my "rash guard" to avoid sore ribs. I'm assuming they're referring to bubble wrap above and beyond the organic margaritas and tortilla chips variety?

  • If I told you last year that Bear Stearns (BSC) would be a hat size and Countrywide (CFC) a ring size, where would you have guessed the S&P would be?

  • Why do melts like Merck (MRK) and Schering Plough (SGP) always seem to happen on the last day of the quarter?

  • Following quarters when the S&P was down 10%, the markets were higher a month later 73% of the time (with an average gain of 4.22%) and 80% of the time the next quarter (with an average gain of 4.99%)?

  • When does slippage in the commodity space morph from healthy and constructive to the Phantom of Deflation?

  • If the DJIA hits 15,000 (+22%) while the dollar falls 25%, are we in a bull market?

  • What does that say about the previous six years as the DJIA rallied 20% and the greenback slacked 40%?

  • Wait, seriously, we're 25% through 2008?

  • 2008?

  • If someone said to you in 1998 "where would you be in ten years," would you have envisioned here?

  • Does Ambien and Coach = First Class?

  • Minyanland population is north of 35,000?

  • Can critter action figures and bobble head dolls be far behind?

  • What if Jeff Spiccoli had it figured out all along, dude?


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