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Freak Friday Potpourri: Tying up a Long Week


Putting the Fried in Friday!


Raise your hand if you're ready for the weekend! After a nutty strut that started with a sputter, turned around for a monster Tuesday and spent Wednesday and Thursday fixated on headlines from the hill--including, but not limited to, the precipice of financial Armageddon, notice that JP Morgan (JPM) was the only bank healthy enough to buy Bear (BSC) and insistence that words were more powerful than an entire institution--it's time to climb the final rhyme.

What have I done this morning? You mean, after I ordered bagels, lox and shmear for the entire MVHQ staff? I scanned the world for clues, looking for something--anything--that can provide the all-elusive edge. Here are some top-line thoughts and please, keep in mind, it's Friday with a capital FRIED.

  • Mike "I've got no place left to go" Mayo, the influential banking analyst at Deutsche Bank, added JP Morgan to his short-term sell list. So much for the healthy bank of the bunch, eh?

  • I'm keeping close tabs on Baidu (BIDU) as it sniffs the $300 level. You can trade seven ways till Sunday as long as you're tight and the closer it gets to resistance, the tighter it becomes. Win, lose or draw.

  • Shall we play a game? Consistent with recent vibes, I remain light and tight on the handlebars as we edge towards the first meaningful resistance (S&P 1405, DJIA 12,800). From there, the War Games will start in earnest..

  • I'm quite conscious that the reasons for my constructive stance three weeks ago may well manifest (I'm decent on the cusps but often suffer from premature evacuation). I see both sides here--the game of chicken, the critical crossroads, our potential paths--and rather than press or guess, I wanna listen with discipline.

  • As a function of popular demand, we've added email alerts to our articles so Minyans can have their favorite vibes waiting for them in their inbox. We're a community that cares and when thy faithful speak, we like to listen. That's how we roll.

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