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Bullets Over Broadway: Staving Off the Comeuppance of the Imbalances


"It" is getting closer, whatever "it" is...

  • Heads Up, Minyans--Coops De Ville is having systems issues out there on the left coast. He'll be back in the sack as soon as he's able.

  • Other topics of interest from the Mr. Practical-Minyan Peter-Steph Pomboy Musefest? How the "working markets group" (a.k.a. the PPT, or Hank's Secret Stash) and (the Fed) targeting stock prices are now accepted by the mainstream mindset. We've been talking about this in the 'Ville for years (and caught a fair amount of flack for it at the time!).

  • There was also a collective agreement that "it" is getting closer, whatever "it" is.

  • Unless "it" is pushed out beyond the Olympics in Beijing. That was something I didn't really consider but when that threesome agrees that something is a potentially feasible dynamic, it warrants a collective noodle.

  • What could stave off the "comeuppance of the imbalances?"

    • A massive technological breakthrough that lowers the cost of living (i.e. solar power).

    • Transfer of Wealth (China, Petrol Nations)

    • (Gulp) World War.

  • That last thought is spooky, I know, but the conversation resonated as I listened to the earlier sabre rattling regarding Iran. I don't wanna be "that guy," I just wanna make sure Minyans see all sides of every discussion (even if the topic is a bit prickly).

  • I parceled out a few more Morgan puts as it tickles the uptrend line from the summer bummer lows. Besides, as I've gotta few Goldman (puts), I don't mind rotating that risk and choking up on the bat a bit (hitting for average not power).

More Answers I Really Wanna Know…

  • How did I know that I wasn't gonna have enough Goldenstar (+15%) when it morphed into Shooting Star?

  • Wouldn't you be frustrated if you bought the S&P at the beginning of 2002 and were losing money as a function of the dollar?

  • Is anyone else ready for Jack Bauer?

  • Would it be conspiratorial to muse that "they" won't let the market close lower with Paulson, Bernanke and Bush speaking?

  • Did I say that out loud?

  • How do I tell them that due to the unfreezing process I have no inner monologue?

  • Y'all see the homies rolling lower (HGX -3%)?

  • Where the heck is Franklin Raines?

  • How does Fannie Mae get away with not reporting audited earnings?

  • Seriously?!?

  • The dollar and Canadian dollar are at parity, eh?

  • If Goldman rolls over will we all be red?

  • You wanna put what where?!?


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