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Answers I Really Wanna Know: Paving the Road to Globalization?


Hitting bottom is a necessary start to reach the top.

  • Didn't the prophecy prove true-everything they said the Internet was going to be, in fact happened-but not without the tech crash first?

  • Won't globalization play out the same way-but not without debt destruction first?

  • Was the stronger dollar on the heels of the historic bailout the single biggest shocker yesterday?

  • What does that say about Our Wishbone World?

  • Does crude boil down to Hurricane Ike (crude bullish) on one side and the Devil of Deflation (dollar bullish, crude bearish) on the other?

  • Why can't we see both-a near-term pop followed by a longer, secular drop?

  • And are you watching this level in the dollar?

  • While there's no shame in admitting it's hard, isn't there shame in pretending it's not?

  • Wouldn't it be great if both tried out for the diving team and pops performed a triple-lindy?

  • Y'all see Google (GOOG) eyeballing the next support at $400?

  • In addition to the general malaise in other master beta names yesterday such as Research in Motion (RIMM) and Apple (AAPL)?

  • Isn't multiple-compression simply another form of deflation?

  • If you were a MOG-half man, half dog-why would you ever leave your house?

  • Would shorting Fannie (FNM) at $70 and buying at 0.70 make me a member of the "70-70" club even if I didn't go along for the ride?

  • If good traders know how to make money and great traders know how to take a loss, why are so many great traders hanging up their cleats?

  • Wanna bet a buck that Hank pushed the button yesterday into the meat of the press lower?

  • Has anyone noticed that the disciplined, in-between sales we make tend to be profitable with the benefit of hindsight?

  • Have you typed a stock symbol into the new "search" function on the Minyanville home page yet?

  • Did you pay attention to Professor Jay Shartsis on yesterday's Buzz when he noted the bearish option action in Amgen (AMGN)?

  • Have you taken your 14 day FREE trial to Buzz & Banter to get real-time insight from some of Wall Street's best and brightest?

  • Why do I bleed silver and black?

  • What, are there no young lovelies left?

  • Did you know the doors to Festivus 2008 are officially open? Have you yet locked your spot for the critter trot as last year's soiree sold out? (This is our annual event to commingle our professors, partners and Minyans while chowing down and listening to live music. The very best part? It's for the kids in the good name of my grandfather.)


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