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The Emmy Award Winning 2008 Minyanville Festivus for Children's Education


The purpose of the journey is the journey itself.


© Allan Tannenbaum
The massively motivated fantastic MVHQ staffers gather around.

© Allan Tannenbaum
The faces of ye faithful.

It was time to mingle and muse as Minyan Mojo swept the crowd. Upstairs was grub, gambling and the silent auction. Emmy was passed around like the Stanley Cup but she didn't seem to mind the least bit.

© Allan Tannenbaum
President Fish, Carlin West and Charlie Mangano surround the guest of honor.

© Allan Tannenbaum
Rick Schottenfeld and friends strike a pose.

© Allan Tannenbaum
Jeff Berkowitz, Adam Heine and Professor Smita Sadana snuggle with their new sister.

© Allan Tannenbaum
Toddo and Dale Schlather. Seeing old friends is good for the soul.

Downstairs was filled with more food, a packed bar and live music from four fantastic bands.

And there was dancing. And singing. And movin' to the groovin'...

© Allan Tannenbaum
Ladies and gentlemen, the Rolling Bones...

© Allan Tannenbaum
President Fish as a Soul Man...

© Allan Tannenbaum
The journey.

© Allan Tannenbaum
Pass the jam!

© Allan Tannenbaum
Vanessa, Ed Bennett and May take in some tunes.

© Allan Tannenbaum
Woo Woo!

© Allan Tannenbaum

The Harrison clan celebrates a lifetime of memories.

A Tribute to Ye Faithful

As we enter the holiday season during these turbulent times, let us remember the purpose and promise of the very best things we believe in.

My grandfather taught me that honesty, trust and respect are the cornerstones of any successful relationship and I would like to believe that they're the foundation of the Minyanville community.

For the last six years, we've written about the financial news you needed to know before you knew you needed it. The cumulative imbalances and inevitable debt destruction
weren't popular topics but the message was critical and the consequences severe.

Looking ahead with a conscious nod that time and price are the arbiters of our financial fate, we shift our focus towards identifying solutions that will help define our path through this process of price discovery.

Please share your best thoughts on potential solutions
and we'll do everything in our power to affect positive change through financial understanding.

Perhaps more importantly, we'll ask you to be a positive pebble in the pond of life.

Don't underestimate how powerful a random act of kindness or passing smiling is.

Don't fall prey to societal acrimony no matter how hard it gets.

Dare to dream, be good to others and better to yourself.

Remember that the purpose of the journey is the journey itself and this too shall pass.

Thank you for being a Minyan.

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