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The Emmy Award Winning 2008 Minyanville Festivus for Children's Education


The purpose of the journey is the journey itself.

(Note: For the webcast of the Emmy Awards, click here. The Minyanville segment begins at the 46th minute).

The Purpose of our Journey

We often say that the destination we arrive at pales in comparison to the path that we take to get there. Team Minyan marched through Manhattan that brisk December afternoon and the world was wonderful as seven years of blood, sweat and tears suddenly seemed so very worth it.

Emmy spent the next few days with her new family. She joined team MVHQ for a few celebratory pops at The Four Seasons, enjoyed a night in my home (Phoebe was jealous), made her way to Larchmont on Wednesday and readied herself for Festivus, where she was sure to be the belle of the ball.

The professors filtered through the 'Ville the entire week and by 4:00 PM Thursday, we were ready to let loose. We made our way to Hill Country BBQ where great grub, four bands and a wonderful cause awaited.

By the time
Yahoo TechTicker filmed a series of interviews with Snoop Tony Dwyer, Jeff Saut, Steve Shobin, Macke, Adami, Kevin Wassong, Tom Eggers, Jay Pestrichelli, John Mauldin, Prieur Du Plessis, Rick Schottenfeld, Rob Roy and others (coming soon to the 'Ville), it was time to party.

© Allan Tannenbaum
The Children's Aid Society Choir lights up our lives.

© Allan Tannenbaum
MV COO Tom "Ike" Eggers, Toddo, President Fish and CMO Charlie Mangano welcome ye faithful.

© Allan Tannenbaum
Event Coordinator Jill Jacinto and MV Office Manager Ariana Martinez flank our lovely team of volunteers who so graciously donated their time.

The room began to fill. Folks traveled from all corners of the world. South Africa. Venezuela. Mexico. Europe. They were from different places and different ages but none of it didn't mattered.

We shared a common bond and moral compass-we were Minyans.

© Allan Tannenbaum
Professors Prieur Du Plessis and Bennet Sedacca talk tape while their queens hold court.

© Allan Tannenbaum
Tami Wassong and Lila Kerns Depew share some smiles.
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